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We believe in supporting a balanced and cleaner grid, by implementing renewable technologies such as solar and wind and storing clean energy and harnessing it for flexible use towards a sustainable and more affordable electricity provision, both for commercial and domestic users.

EV Charging

As the majority of the charging of your car will be at home, it is essential that you choose a company like ours who have the necessary experience and knowledge to carry out a safe and efficient installation.

We offer a wide range of charge points from high quality manufacturers, they are reliable, stylish, competitively priced and are covered by a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

Types of Connectors

There are two different kinds of connectors for charging an electric car at home.
The most common is the Type 2 connector. Most cars use this type of plug as it was mandated by the EU that all plug-in cars from 2014 must have a Type 2 socket. Some cars are fitted with an older and we will select the suitable charging unit depending on the connector that is fitted.


Tethered or Un-Tethered

You will also need to decide whether you want a charger with a cable permanently attached to it (known as ‘tethered’) – or one into which you plug a regular Type 2 cable, as is supplied with most EVs. Having a tethered unit means you simply plug the end of the cable into your car rather than having to get one out of the boot every time you charge up. However, the cable might not be compatible with all EVs; you might need to use an adapter if you change cars or have more than one EV to charge


Load Monitoring

A load monitoring device will measure the electricity the household is using and communicate the information to the charging unit. This allows you to charge your car without any concern of blowing your main fuse.


Solar Charging

We can select a charger to with an existing solar PV system, harnessing excess energy produced by your solar panels to charge your EV as well as your home. Using a charger, you can essentially run your electric vehicle on solar power.

3.6kW – 16 Amps

Slow charging, only slightly faster than a 3 pin socket. These units are not recommended due to the extensive time it takes to charge. For example, the Nissan Leaf with a 40kWh battery would take 11 hours from empty to full.

Types of Electric Vehicle Charging Points

7.4kW – 32 Amps

This single phase charger is the most popular with electric vehicle users as the time taken from empty to full charge is twice as fast. As most of your charging will happen overnight, 6 hours is a far more realistic for day-day uses.

22kW – 32 Amps

Domestic households are not usually fitted with three phase electricity supply and although this can be installed, it is not cost effective. We recommend a single-phase charging point for households which is the usual type fitted. But if you have the availability of three phase power and want to harness the rapid charging times this would be the way to go.

Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Point Supply & Installation Service

Worried about not being able to get home from work? Don’t worry, we can provide charging solutions at work so you can concentrate on what really matters.

We pride ourselves on providing a full consultancy for the installation and maintenance of our services. We only ever provide the most cost effective advice and independent consultation for your budget and business.

The smart charge points that we install will track the amount of electricity used by your employees and provide digital reports, either weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.


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